Parking woes for Chargers


Maddie Werner

With the thousands of students who go to Clear Springs, obtaining a parking pass has become difficult. Not only is the school on Palomino, a one way in,  one way out, the population is growing dramatically and there is honestly no more room for students. Seniors are also furious with the unfairness to the fact that juniors are able to get spots without the seniors being considered. 

With the whole student lot being full everybody who was hoping to or really needs one is forced to wait on a list till someone is removed from the lot. This can be anywhere from weeks to months since the list already has around twenty to thirty kids, and this was before school even started when students come a week early to turn in proof of residency and get their schedules. You ha

ve to have a signed application by your parent and you, with a fee and also a copy of your license. So even if you show up for that there is still a chance you will be put on the list. 

Since this issue is only getting bigger, students have started to move around the problem. In some cases, kids will park in spots that aren’t even theirs. This becomes inconvenient for the person who actually owns the spot when they come to school and have nowhere to park. The process of getting it fixed can take a whole day. “The guy who took my spot didn’t even get in trouble,” said senior Isabella Baena. Since the consequences of taking a spot are next to none students will continue to do this without care. However if we were able to increase the amount of parking this school had it would be much easier on everyone.