Everyone Needs a Little Space

Everyone Needs a Little Space

Maddie Werner, Writer

How much time do you really spend alone? Think about it, many students’ lives are consumed with technology, phones especially. 

How many of us can actually sit alone and not be driven crazy by the nothingness that sits in the room with us? Some people can’t deal with that environment, or some just can’t deal with boredom. 

Everyone has been grounded once in their life, right? No cell phone or TV, even if not to that extreme, would mean you have to occupy yourself with other activities. 

It raises the question: Do teens this day and age have actual hobbies? No, watching Tik Tok does not count. 

The easiest answer would be sleeping. Students like Isabella Baena say, “After school and practice, I would honestly just sleep with some alone time.” 

With the increasing amount of social media, teens really don’t stay off of their phones for long anymore. Hobbies like reading, writing, or drawing have faded over the years and there aren’t that many people who can say they do these activities on a daily basis. 

There are benefits to being alone as well. Experts say it can improve your social relationships, improve your creativity and confidence, and it also helps regulate your emotions. So it isn’t all bad for a person to have just a little peace and quiet once in a while.