Corona Virus Sweeps the Globe


photo courtesy of pexels

Maddie Werner, Reporter

The coronavirus is sweeping the globe without slowing down. The pathogen as of now has invaded at least 47 countries and the cases are jumping in numbers. Cases from Germany and the United States are being reported with no known connections to other people with the virus.

Some things to help prepare just in case are some common medications that you may take, like cough and cold medicines and even vitamins. Things like this will be useful in the event that you need to stay home. 

Places with a widespread number of people like an airport would be a place to avoid. As for public places in your community like grocery stores and shopping centers, just be mindful of people around you. In the case that you are sick try to avoid contact with other people in order to avoid getting others sick. 

Mrs. Nolan, one of our Clear Springs Nurses, says that “we should treat this just like the flu. Kids need to thoroughly wash their hands and make sure when you cough you use a tissue or your arm to cough into. Also if you are sick you need to stay home, worrying about your exceptions is the least of your worries if you are at school spreading germs.”

It is at the utmost importance that we keep ourselves clean and healthy to help keep everyone safe from dangerous illnesses.