Mums for All

Eva Dennis, Staff Writer

Coronavirus is not stopping students’ mum manufacturing. Manysenior girls are participating solely for traditional purposes and to maintain a sense of normalcy during an unconventional school year. Don’t be mistaken though, there is indeed a big damper on their parade. 

With all of the restrictions on homecoming activities, students have doubts in regards to all of the time and effort that goes into making a mum.  “Is it even worth it?” Natalie Rivera (11) said. 

To be fair, many students did not participate in the traditional homecoming activity in past years, simply for the reason that. “They are ugly,” Abi Booton (11) said.

The Floral Design class makes mums, but for those who attend school via Clear Connections, there’s no point. “No one will really even see me because my camera won’t be on,” Maddy Guillory (10) said.

For some, the tradition is their way of implementing a bit of familiarity to their life during this trying time, regardless of if they are going to be seen by others. 

According to a school-wide Instagram poll,  57% of Clear Springs students particpate in mum-making, which begs the real question: Why not? Wearing a mum doesn’t hurt anyone, and as Brady Bishop (10) puts it, “It can’t hurt to have a little fun.” 

Mum or no mum, students  will make the best effort enjoy their homecoming week. After all, a mum can be thrown away while memories can’t be.