The National Impact of COVID-19 on Students


Noah Falk, Editor

With CCISD schools closed through April 10th, the district is following a nationwide trend across colleges and grade schools from coast to coast.  The COVID-19 (Corona) virus reached pandemic status earlier this week, launching a nationwide quarantine and locking the doors of institutions from Clear Springs to Harvard.

The Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) has bluntly suggested that places of mass gathering and places of congregation cease to open their doors for at least a 15 day period, in an effort to slow the highly contagious virus.

Recently, students at Springs began the transition to online classwork.  Assignments, video lessons, and even assessments are being posted daily on the CCISD Itslearning portal accessible to students by phone or laptop.  This shift has created the possibility for students to work through online coursework from the comfort of a bedroom desk at home.

Colleges across the country also closed the doors to their institutions while transitioning to online studies.  Harvard, Notre Dame, and other prestigious schools have dramatically shifted to virtual classrooms through the Spring semester.

The national self-quarantine has also raised concern among high school seniors worried about the potential adjustments to milestone events such as prom, spring sports, and graduation.

CCISD is scheduled to reopen school doors on Monday, April 13th given a hopeful de-escalation of the virus.  However, nothing’s for certain as the safety of students and staff remains top priority for the district.