The Travis Scott Meal Has Arrived


Caiden Lujin, Staff Writer

Travis Scott has just added to his legacy in the hip-hop industry with a brand-new collaboration. The limited edition “Travis Scott Meal” from McDonald’s was released last Tuesday, and its hype hasn’t slowed since. The exclusive meal includes a quarter pounder with bacon, medium fries dipped in barbecue sauce, and a large Sprite, all for six dollars. It’s lit! 

This isn’t the first time Houston’s own Travis Scott has embraced the spotlight. Since 2019, a Super Bowl performance, an online Fortnite concert during quarantine, and the opening of “Space Village,” a premium clothing store in downtown Houston, have all skyrocketed Travis’ marketability worldwide. To this lengthy resume he adds a McDonald’s order, and I decided to go out and try it, to see what all the fuss is about. 

Pulling up to McDonald’s, it was already clear that this thing was a big deal, with signs everywhere, and a packed drive-thru. Listening to my mom order the “Travis Scott Meal” had to be the most entertaining part about the trip. It didn’t come in any special packaging or with a toy, in which superfans would likely be salivating over more than the food. But it did have a receipt with the name of the order, which I kept, of course. 

The meal wasn’t much different from a standard quarter pounder meal, and I’d be lying if I said I didn’t buy it just because it had “Travis Scott” in the title, but it wasn’t bad. BBQ sauce with fries is the move, and McDonald’s Sprite (for whatever reason) is much better than you’ll find anywhere else. It wasn’t too filling, it was a quick eat and didn’t leave me feeling too horrible about eating it. It wasn’t the greatest thing in the world, but it isn’t half bad either. I’d give it a solid 7 cacti out of 10. 

It’s already sparked the newest TikTok trend, which is to say different variations of the phrase “Cactus Jack sent me” at the drive-thru to immediately blast Travis’ hit song Sicko Mode. The “Travy Patty” craze came out of nowhere, and the hilariously unnecessary attention it’s gotten to this point just screams 2020. 

Was the Travis Scott a good meal? Yes. Was it just a sly marketing scheme to include an ultra-famous rapper’s name for more business? Probably. But you can’t fault him, he’s been a surprisingly smart figure in the rap community when it comes to marketability. If it works, it works. And with the already cult-like following Travis has built over the years, this is just another day in the office for him and his camp.