Omicron Variant Arrives; Tips to Stay Safe

Omicron Variant Arrives; Tips to Stay Safe

Angelina Balusek, Staff Writer

A new variant of the virus causing the worldwide pandemic has appeared in South Africa, Canada, throughout Europe, and now in California. The mutation has been named “Omicron” or B.1.1.529. As of right now, the variant is not a massive threat to us, but the risk of infection could increase within the next few weeks. As of now, scientists are not sure if the risk of infection is greater or more severe than the Delta variant, but everyone should be aware and cautious of the new variant.

Simple ways you can stay healthy from the virus are washing your hands/using hand-sanitizer, wearing a mask, and social distancing. More people are becoming eligible for vaccine boosters, and scientists are developing new medicines against Covid. A new antiviral pill named molnupiravir is in the process of being approved for at-home treatment of Covid-19.

“If students are concerned about spreading the virus, definitely wear a mask,” Nurse Painter said. “Good hand washing, hand sanitizer… and when I leave the building and get in the car I use hand sanitizer.” Hand sanitizer stations are still all around the building for student use.

“Don’t share drinks, don’t share food and keep your distance when talking to someone. If you’re sick, stay home. ”