Santa’s Wonderland is Fun for Family Outings Over Break


Sophia Jones , Staff Writer

Christmas break is just around the corner and planning fun events and activities can be rough. Things that seem so simple and “boring,” can be quite enjoyable. Sitting cozy by a fire, drinking hot chocolate, and watching a Hallmark movie, or your favorite Netflix show or ready a favorite book of choice does not seem so bad.

One thing that my family does every year during this time of year is have “Family Bonding Time,” is what we call it. This time is when us family of four have the living room TV turned on to a funny Christmas movie, while in the kitchen across from the living room we make fun cookies, and share laughs and memories.

Two years ago, for my birthday, my mom took me to Santa’s Wonderland in Aggieland, where we spent hours having fun and watching the lights. They had so many food options, and they even had horse rides you could pay to go on and get a tour all around the place. You can take your family and friends to enjoy a wonderful night out in the park with festive lights, music, and great food. Santa’s Wonderland Holidays in Aggieland is open through December 30. 

Santa’s Wonderland Hours: 

Monday – Thursday: 6pm – 11pm 

Fridays: 6pm – midnight  

Saturdays: 3pm – midnight 

Sundays: 3pm – 11pm 

 Spending time with your family is the best at home by the fire watching a movie, but going places is even better. Santa’s Wonderland is located 18898 HWY 6 South College Station, TX 77845. It is good to do things over break because it is an effective way to stay in touch with friends and prevent boredomStaying active is just as important as staying connected with friends, because if you do not do anything but sit on the couch for two weeks, it is not good for your body. Your body needs activeness and boosts your mood for the holiday season!