New Netflix Arrivals for November

Noah Falk, Staff Reporter

It’s that time of the year again.

Netflix has grown into a highly respected and very popular streaming service for movies and award-winning shows, especially among the teen audience. Every month, new additions are made to keep the program fresh and attract new subscribers. For the month of November, new arrivals are scheduled.

Throughout the month, hit movies such as “42”, “Chappie”, “The Boss Baby”, and “The Punisher” are on their way, and shows like “Glitch” and “Frontier” are getting new seasons.


“I am pretty excited for ‘The Punisher’ to finally be on Netflix, it’s easily the headliner of the month,” Cameron Turner (10) said.


Unfortunately, with new things being added, old Netflix material will have to be removed, and this month takes out some popular titles. The entire “Matrix” trilogy will be removed, along with the newer “Goosebumps” movie starring Jack Black.


Netflix is a highly popular streaming service, and this month will definitely keep the service fresh and inviting.