Powder Buff

Lanie Bronas and Noah Falk

The competition is tough. A complete role reversal.
Powder Buff is an annual event held at Springs. The guys, of all grades, play volleyball which is coached
by some of the volleyball players.
“I joined because it’s a school tradition and it’s pretty awesome to take part of something this great,”
Kyle Benacquisto (12th ) said.
Several teams under the leadership of some of Springs’ volleyball stars were formed earlier in January.
“The best part for me was getting my serves over because if I’m being honest I never made one over in
practice,” Benacquisto said.
After a few fast paced practices, the teams took the court on Saturday to battle for rankings. It was also
where their skills were put to the test.
“In the end, I think my team did pretty good considering we had never been able to practice with our
entire team there so for us to come out and do what we did, I think is pretty impressive,” Benacquisto
On Monday night the teams began the tournament, and finally the fight was concluded on Wednesday
watched by most of the student body. The game ended with the seniors, Martel Carruthers, Cameron
Felton, Hunter Frankland, Erik Norred, Josiah Moes, and Matthew Zamarripa, taking the win against the
The tradition of Powder Buff will remain as a staple of our high school experience.