The Superior Streams

Noah Falk, Staff Reporter

The music industry has shifted towards a new medium of listening.  Streaming services such as Spotify, Apple Music, and many more compete for the most subscriptions and listeners, despite multiple shared features.

Apple music currently hold the most monthly users, just topping Spotify and Pandora.  With similar prices and payment plans for premium service, popularity depends mainly on user preference for the interface and unique features.

“It’s much easier to find new music on Spotify,” Ali Shalaby (10) said.  “There are so many core playlists that can introduce people to new artists and songs that might have been unknown.  I’ve used both Spotify and Apple Music, and there’s a lot more to offer from Spotify.”

Along with discovery playlists, Spotify also offers a free, non-premium subscription service while limiting features for guest users. Regardless, Apple Music is found to currently be the superior service with the largest subscription base.

“Apple Music is much easier to use,” Kevin Biggers (10) said.  “The design is simple and sleek, so it’s easy to get used to. It also is super compatible with my iPhone, so that makes it much more practical than any other service.”

The streaming giants of Spotify and Apple Music are constantly competing for the better, more popular music service, through exclusive features and frequent improvements.  No matter which site you prefer, there’s no denying that the music industry has drastically changed to the unbelievable success of streaming services.