Blood Drive

Noah Falk, Staff Reporter

The annual CSHS blood drive occurred on Thursday, October 18th, and it’s an event Springs is proud to promote.  Hosted by M.D. Anderson, anyone over the age of 17 and weighing over 110 pounds could participate.

“Those who participated had to eat before and after giving blood, and get a full night’s sleep the prior evening,” HST and Pathology teacher Tiffany Lynch said.

Professionally trained phlebotomists were brought in to take the donors’ blood.  Everything was strictly run under professional watch and in a completely safe environment.

“Right now, M.D. Anderson cancer patients require 200 units of red blood cells and 600 units of platelets, which is why the need for donors is so high and important,” Lexi Johnson (11) said.  “Donating one pint of blood has the ability to save three cancer patients,” Johnson said.

HST II students were heavily involved in operating the drive, checking people in and out and helping with flow of the event.

“I was involved with HST II, taught by Mrs. Daffern,” Johnson said, “The blood drive was a huge success, with a larger turnout than anticipated.  We’re excited to see even more donors in the future.”

Upcoming blood drives are scheduled for January 29th and April 23rd.  The most recent drive attracted a successful turnout and helped patients in need.