Fish Camp

Noah Falk

Ten days prior to the new school year, roughly seven hundred teens got the chance to explore the campus they’d soon be attending for the next four years.

The incoming freshman class of ’22 took the halls for the first time August 9th.  The “Fish Camp” serves to introduce new students to the campus and start to bridge the gap between middle and high school.  The opportunity eases the expected anxiety students have of making the transition to a high school environment.

Along with the help of administrators, some student groups such as PALS came out to lead and meet the incoming freshman class.

“I was with freshmen all morning, taking them around the school and showing them the hallways and where they could find certain classes,” said PALS member Brenden Benacquisto (11).  “I got to lead a group around the major pods and have them feel comfortable about coming to Springs.

One more thing comes with the uneasy switch to high school – the mixing of students from multiple intermediate/middle schools.   

Multiple junior highs feed into Springs.  The influx of freshmen often falls in well over half a thousand students. With so many new faces crossing the school, it’s important that the freshmen have a general idea of Mane Street’s current and the widespread hallways.

“It was cool to see my friends again and get to walk through this giant school,” said freshman Caleb Lien.  “It was helpful and really got me excited to start the year,” Lien said.

It’s no secret that Springs is a step up from junior high.  The stretching hallways, vast number of students, and increased freedom can be exciting and anxiety-inducing altogether.  Fish Camp helps ease the transition into high school that many new students enjoy.