Drawings to Life


Noah Falk , Editor

It was all smiles across the athletic hallway as Springs students partnered with children to make dolls and toy monsters for a special holiday event.

Fashion Design students astonished preschoolers on Wednesday morning in front of the PAC.  During the students’ fourth period, the exciting exchange took place.  The TET kids had drawn monsters and creatures, which were then brought to life by Fashion Design students in toy-form.

“Today we took the TET kids’ drawings they had been working on and brought them to life, it was a total surprise,” said senior Marlene Ramirez.  

The event was met with excited children and enthusiastic students willing to brighten the kids’ days.

“It was so nice to make the children happy, and see the smiles on their faces,” added sophomore Ewan Wilson.

The task wasn’t easy, and required the talent of the fashion design students to animate the creative drawings crafted by the eccentric children.

“Trying to figure out how to create these 3D models from the drawings was the most enjoyable part,” said sophomore Brooklynn Caudill.  “It was really fun, my TET kid named her creature Snowflake,” said Caudill.

Mrs. Highsmith and Ms. Edlefsen helped orchestrate the surprise, hoping to continue it and make the exchange an annual event.