Crisis in Australia

Angelina Balusek, Staff Reporter

Severe wildfires killed 27 people and over 500 million animals so far in Australia in the past few weeks. The fires just started back in September 2019, and are believed to be caused by extreme heat, droughts, and strong winds. 

“The wildfires in Australia are horrible,” said Officer Jason Hall from League City Police Department. “I love animals. I work in K9 and hate to see them suffer and lose their habitat. It is summer there which only complicates the situation. Wildfires are very common there like they are on our west coast, but not usually this big.”

Over the past few months, 32,400 square miles of land have burned. Many say that climate change or global warming is the main cause of the fires. However, Australian police have accused 24 people of starting bushfires. The smoke is affecting major cities such as Sydney and Melbourne and is causing the air quality to be very dangerous. The U.S., Canada, and New Zealand have sent firefighters to help with the fires.

“We can pray for the safety of those first responders from all over the world that are already there fighting the fire,” Officer Hall said. “That is free and covers those miles in an instant. We can contribute to fundraisers that are sending emergency personnel to Australia and voice our opinions in council meetings, etc. in support of lending Australia our resources.” 

Students such as freshman Siri Harris-Ryden posted the news on social media to raise awareness and raise money. The creator of the posts donates $1 to wildlife rescue in Australia.

“The Australian wildfires are a topic of concern for me,” she said. “The deadly fires have caused the displacement of people and wildlife on a massive scale.”