Xtra Football This Winter: What is the XFL?


photo courtesy of Shelby Parshall

The Houston Roughnecks play at their first XFL game of the season.

Maddie Werner, Reporter

Now that the NFL is over with the Kansas City Chiefs taking the Super Bowl win, a new league is beginning after almost two decades of being canceled. The league is referred to as the XFL, Extreme Football League, founded by Vince McMahon. 

The XFL is different compared to the NFL in the sense that there are only eight teams compared to the usual 32 NFL teams. The rules are a little different too. For example, when the ball is first kicked only the kicker and the receiver can move, but once it is caught or it is on the ground for more than three seconds, all players are then free to move.

There are also two forward passes allowed as long as the first one does not cross the line of scrimmage. There are also three different point-after touchdown options, none of which involve a kicker. 

This new version of the NFL is meant to be a cross between wrestling and football and was canceled in 2001 due to the bad planning of the brand. It never became popular enough to keep on air, and the founder changed too many rules and caused controversies so it was shut down altogether.

So if you are not an NBA fan, this is a good filler between football seasons to keep you entertained.