“Eternal Atake” Has Landed


Noah Falk, Editor

After two years of delays, rumors and overall mystery, 25 year old rapper Lil Uzi Vert finally released his highly anticipated fifth studio album, “Eternal Atake”.

Sporting an 18 song track list just hitting one hour of runtime, the psychedelic production blends superbly with the unique and energetic flows Uzi spits throughout the tape.  Songs average around three or four minutes long, and a narative of an alien abduction floats through every song.  From sampling Travis Scott to Backstreet Boys, the record has something for everyone.

The artist first emerged onto the music scene through Soundcloud, where his earlier mixtapes (“LUV is Rage” and “Lil Uzi Vert V.S. The World”) earned millions of streams and attracted the attention of Atlantic Records (Uzi’s label).

Besides notable singles and a teaser trailer dropping within the last few months, the album surprised fans on Friday morning when it hit streaming platforms with no warning.

The album is expected to top charts for the first week of March, and leaves Uzi fans finally satisfied.