End of the Endless Summer


Noah Falk, Editor

Class is back in session.  Well, sort of.

The Clear Springs 2020-2021 school year is here, and it’s starting off in a totally unique way.  Beginning Monday, August 24 all students will be participating in online classes via Zoom.  The following week, all incoming freshmen will switch to in-person learning and walk the halls of Springs alone, with all sophomores and upperclassmen continuing online learning through the 14th of September.

Still battling the COVID-19 pandemic, schools across the nation were forced to radically adjust.  Students at Springs had mixed opinions on the pathway CSHS decided to follow.

“I wasn’t the biggest fan of online learning back in the spring, so I’m not thrilled about going back to doing that for a few weeks but I get why we have to,” junior Scott Santagata had said.  “I hope we get to go back on time, I’m excited for things to go back to normal,” Santagata claimed.

Zoom-based learning provides access to the virtual classroom from the comfort of your bedroom.  This allows students to be creative with their workspace.

“I have a nice space set up for my online classes to start,” said senior Jordan Pavelko. “I hope our senior year goes well despite the changes right now.  I want to have the full experience without losing fun things like how last year’s class [‘20] couldn’t have a prom.  I’m ready to make the most out of this year,” Pavelko said.

Things are definitely going to be different this year, but staff and student safety is Springs’ priority.