Intro to Election Year 2020

Intro to Election Year 2020

Noah Falk, Editor in Chief

In roughly 40 days, the presidency of the United States is up for grabs.

After a bewildering and unique 4 years, Donald Trump has served one full term as president.  Democratic nominee Joe Biden challenges the office this November, and the election couldn’t get any closer.

For months, the race between Trump and Biden has resulted in colorful media headlines and passionate political talking-heads.

Fortunately for some Springs seniors, they may be eligible to vote in this impactful election.  However, it’s important to know where you stand or what you believe in before casting a vote.

Donald Trump is the Republican candidate, currently serving as our 45th commander-in-chief.  He attracts the conservative, working-class votes especially in rural America.

Joe Biden is on the Democratic ticket, and is a former vice president to number 44, Barack Obama.  He attracts the liberal, often younger demographic of voters.

Both candidates have strong, opposing views on heavy-hand topics such as the economy, climate change, and overall ideas and morals such as pro-life v.s. pro-choice.

To keep up with the race in the weeks leading up to the election, check out our constant political updates.  We’ll go into voting, the party lines, and much more.