Is Halloween Still Happening?


Getty Images/iStockphoto

jack lantern in the halloween night

Noah Falk, Editor in Chief

It’s finally October — which excitingly means spooky decor and candy corn.  Obviously, this year is a little different.

The stars seemed to align this Halloween, granting the holiday a saturday and a full moon.  However, 2020 had other things in mind.  With masks being the new norm and social distancing still heavily in practice, things are uncertain as to how spooky season will be celebrated.

As anticipated, there’s plenty of worry amongst extroverts who look forward to the frightful attractions and parties that October brings.

“I hope I get to go out and do fun things like haunted houses, but I’m a little skeptical,” said senior Anthony Morales.  “I always look forward to this time of year, I love everything scary and getting to hang out with my friends.”

However, those more concerned about the health risks of certain festivities have reason to feel nervous.

“COVID could do damage to my plans,” said Evan Link.  “I’m not sure what’s going to be open, and it’s uncertain what’ll open up as we get closer to Halloween night.  I would love to hit up a haunted house, though it might be hard to social distance in one of those.”

As it goes, you can count on people celebrating the scariest night of the year however they see fit.  If COVID risks concern you, it’s perfectly understandable to spend the night inside watching horror movies.