The Election of a Lifetime is Here


Presidential Election 0f USA 2020. Vote, Voting. Set American Advertising Cards – Illustration Vector

Noah Falk, Editor in Chief

Days out from Election Day, there’s no telling what to expect.  Democratic nominee and former Vice President Joe Biden is challenging current President and Republican Donald Trump for the Oval Office.

With over 60 million early ballots already cast, the voter turnout is expected to be monumental in this very important election year.

As the political climate across the country grew more hostile over the months leading up to November, it’s important to recognize what’s at stake.  An unprecedented pandemic swept the nation, harming American lives and halting a bustling economy.  Protests broke loose all throughout the summer of 2020, over racial tensions and social justice issues.  More young people are getting involved in politics than ever, and both Republican and Democratic bases are fired up for November 3rd.

While most nationwide polls show Joe Biden with a sizable lead over President Trump, a similar trend was displayed in 2016 where Trump defeated Hillary Clinton in the Electoral College — winning him the office.  It’s also worth noting that sitting political officials (or incumbents) have a much broader history of remaining in power despite being challenged during election years.

With so much at stake this year, be sure to educate yourself on the topics that matter and help participate in the political process.  Whether you can vote, advocate, or even just form an opinion of your own, you have the ability to make a difference.