The People Choose, and You Can Too!


Gracie Hooks, Staff Writer

The People’s Choice Awards is an American award show, recognizing people in entertainment, voted online by the general public and fans. The show has been held annually since 1975, with the winner originally determined using gallup polls until the switch to online voting in 2005.

With 2020 being so hectic, this event is the perfect way for people to have some sense of normalcy. Five-time People’s Choice Award winner Demi Lovato, will be hosting this year’s award show on November 15, 2020 @8:00 CST. 

As we know we’re in a global pandemic, so sadly we can’t see them walk on stage and receive their award as usual.  It’s going to be held virtually as many people around the world are doing for work and school. 

There are 44 categories, including many different types of nominees such as actors, actresses, singers, fashion influencers, best shows/movies, social influencers, makeup artists, and many more.

Social influencers such as Charli D’amelio have taken over social media, only being 16 years old and beginning from TikTok. With almost 96 million followers she nearly overpasses big celebrities such as Zendaya, and Harry Styles. Along with her own “Charli” iced coffee drink at Dunkin’ Donuts, she quickly became very well known.

Every year one person receives the People’s Champion Award, which is a celebrity who goes out of their way to help and contribute to the community around them. This year’s champion is Producer Tyler Perry, he is being recognized for his efforts for the Coronavirus pandemic and the recent racial unrest. He went as far as buying groceries for the elderly in Atlanta & New Orleans. 

I’m personally really excited to see who wins “Best show of 2020” & “Best movie of 2020” because all of the nominees are very relevant to this year.