Fight Night 2020


Jermia Green and Caiden Lujin

Saturday night’s highly anticipated fight night with Mike Tyson and Roy Jones Jr. had people around the world watching.  Mike Tyson said he smoked marijuana right before he fought Roy Jones his celebrated return to the boxing ring at the age of 54. Tyson and Jones fought to draw in an eight-round exhibition match at Staples Center as scored by three celebrity WBC judges. The 8 two minutes rounds provided enough time for both men to get comfortable and find the range to make the action exciting while also not providing any true risk of serious injury to either. 

The two former champions, with the combined age of 105, gave fight fans every bit of nostalgia they could ask for. While the fight ended in an unofficial split draw on the scorecards of the WBC- appointed judges, the greater and better outcome was that neither man was seriously injured in the fight which was a real concern before they met in the ring. Both Tyson and Jones showered each other with compliments after the exhibition. “I was afraid I might get hurt,” Tyson said. “I didn’t fight in 20 years. [Jones] only stopped fighting for three years. Why nobody care about my a**?”

YouTube star Jake Paul and former 3time NBA Slam Dunk Contest champion Nate Robinson faced off in the undercard of Tyson vs. Jones last week, and the sports world has been buzzing about it since. Live tweets poured in from professional athletes and celebrities as the pay-per-view fight graced the top of the trending list on Twitter. Even NBA superstar Stephen Curry pitched in to support Robinson before the Friday matchup. However, undefeated aspiring professional boxer Jake Paul ended the fight quickly with a brutal second round knockout. 

The matchup began with an even supply of jabs from both opponents, but quickly, a favorite came to light. Robinson began to get tripped up and Paul’s experience, along with height and weight advantage proved to give him the upper leg in the fight. With Robinson’s chances fading quickly, Jake Paul delivered a thunderous righthand hook to the side of his head. Jake Paul improved to 2-0. Robinson has since recovered physically, but his ego is likely to remain damaged. 

“That was no representation of the NBA family…” NBA sharpshooter Nick Young said on Twitter, adding to a plethora of backlash across social media from public figures. 

Jake Paul’s controversial YouTube career has rubbed a lot of people the wrong way, leading to an outcry from fans across the country and even professional NBA players. Los Angeles Lakers center Jordan Bell described the fight as “[embarrassing] to us hoopers.” 

Nate Robinson recently broke his social media silence with an Instagram post, thanking his supporters for their well wishes.