Just Scream Hotline


Katie Hubbert, Staff Writer

Have frustration? Anger? Excited? Just want to scream? Now there is a hotline for it. 

Active until January 21st, people just call the number and scream. There is no one at the other end of the line, but the screams are recorded. There is the option to listen to the screams. What is it like to call the number? Senior, Lauren Acamando commented, “They played screams at the beginning of the call, which I loved”. Then, after the tone, the caller gets to scream.

Created in September 2020 by an elementary school teacher, Chris Gollmar, Just Scream is a “participatory sound art project”. Completely designed and coded by him and launched just before Election Day. Gollmar has released four other projects just like this one where people call a number and leaves a recording of them talking or making noise. 

Why have people left screams? Well, 2020 and 2021 have been very emotional. With Covid, politics, and general frustration. Additionally, people have left screams in response to good news. On the website they feature playlists of various screams like, laugh-screaming, animals or people making animal sounds, babies and children, and singing. In total they have 24612 and counting screams. 

Want to visit the site? Here it is JUST SCREAM!

Want the number now? Here is that too 561-567-8431