Fashion of the 2021 Presidential Inauguration


Carynn Alvarez, Staff Writer

The last thing that comes to mind when you think of the presidential inauguration is fashion. But unsurprisingly, the fashion of the people who attended the 2021 inauguration was at the least — eye-catching. These “political figures and attendees collectively showed up in a modernized stylistic approach to official dress(Alyssa Davis, CR Fashion book 2021).   

The First Lady, one of the main charms to look at this year, was wearing a bright monochromatic look. Her tweed coat and matching, well, everything, was an ocean blue. This Made it easy to spot her in the crowd as if it was not easy enough. Her neckline was embroidered with pearls, making her mark in the pearl tradition for the first ladies and giving her a “shimmer when the gems reflect the light.” The shade of blue she chose was to symbolize trust, confidence, and stability. She made a point to have her matching silk mask as well.


Something surprising to some but not to others, was the trend of monochromatic looks this year. Another famous lady, newly vowed Vice President Kamala Harris was seen flaunting her royal purple ankle length coat and matching under shirt with of course, a neckline full of pearls. It was not a shocker that the new vice president showed up to the Inauguration with something to wow the whole crowd. Her gloves were a deep shade of purple made of leather, matching her husband who was by her side the whole time.

Former First Lady, Michelle Obama, easily took the eyes of everyone around with her—yet another—monochromatic magenta look. Her outfit contained a large gold belt in which sinched her waist and gave her a feminine look. Her coat, a shade of magenta lighter, flowed down to her ankles. Everything about her outfit on this day was eye-catching, but not surprising for a lady like herself 


The colors that these women wore may have been purposefully these colors: Blue, purple, and red to make a mix of the political party colors. Calculated choice or not, the vibrance of their coats became a topic of fashion minutes after their appearance.