“Hold the Line.”


Noah Falk, Editor in Chief

No one saw this coming.  Wall Street has been turned upside down by something inconceivable.  Gamestop.

The Wolves on Wall Street are engaged in an economic war with highly sophisticated opponents: Reddit users.  In an attempt to bet the banks that Gamestop’s (GME) stock was going to plummet, big time investors upset a group of individuals on the online forums via Reddit.  These average-wealth individuals invested heavily in Gamestop, shooting the stock value up to an unimaginable level.

Driving the prices of $GME from around $20 a share to upwards of $400 overnight, hedge fund managers and billionaire investors were overthrown and forced to lose tons of money over the counterattack made by Reddit users.

The high market volatility marked a significant moment in stock trading, encouraging people from all backgrounds and economic levels to participate in the coup of Wall Street.  Mobile applications such as Robinhood drew criticism for controversially preventing folks from purchasing “high risk” stocks– mainly the rapidly increasing $GME.  This angered thousands of everyday citizens across the country, prompting the switch to alternative trading services and the upstart of a new phrase that embodied the makeshift economic revolution:

“Hold the Line.”

Those who own shares in $GME and related stocks are being encouraged not to sell yet.  There is optimism and a passionate body of everyday citizens curious to see how far this will go.

Despite the current decline in stock value for $GME and other seemingly unpredictable corporations that experienced a sudden boost earlier this week, the movement behind all this is far from dead.  Millions are invested in the Reddit team’s every move, determined to play a role in this modern economic warfare.