Jalen Ramsey: Best CB in the League?


Chris Richnow, Staff Writer

Since 2016, Rookie year for Jalen Ramsey has been a top corner back in the NFL.  He has been a pro bowl cornerback for 2 of his 4 years making a good name for himself. He is known to be a big trash talker that will get in your head as he continues to lock you up in man coverage.  

He is easily the best cornerback of 2020 and continued to show that he is worth the money that he is payed. From the recent games that he has played he has let up less than 50 yards and 5 catches on every single x factor matchup on average, the only exception being Stefon Diggs and the bills which is debatably the hardest offense to face in the 2020-21 season.  

But in the playoffs is when Ramsey really proved that he was the best. He absolutely locked up D.K Metcalf and led his team to beat the Seahawks in the Playoffs this year, not only that, he was able to provide the big energy against the big time teams in the big time games which makes him the big time player.