New “Joy of Nature” Art Exhibit in Houston


Carynn Alvarez, Staff Writer

David Hockney and Vicent Van Gogh and their new exhibitions in the Houston Muesum of Fine Arts 

Opening for the spring and early summer season, the Houston Muesum of Fine Arts has opened a new exhibition that is showing off the works of David Hockney and Vicent Van Gogh. Their work is being shown with the title of “The Joy of Nature”, marking the start of spring and the warm season.  

The British and Dutch artist have a combined love for landscapes that involve bright colors and the possibilities of seeing the world with fresh eyes. The combination of the two have created crowds ever since its opening. The exhibit has been sold out on the weekends for the small amounts of weeks it has been open.  

The name of the showing, “The Joy of Nature”, is inspired by these famous pieces of art—paintings and drawings—that these two influential men created throughout their artistic lives. Even the rough sketches that were brought upon the world for the first time, have had viewers staring for hours upon hours due to their compelling lines.  

Hockney, the British artist, is widely known for his vibrant works made in the 1960’s, in which was the era known for color. He is not just known for his landscape paintings, but more so for his portraits of his close friends and serial paintings of swimming pools. All and all creating metaphors for people who enjoy looking deeper than just the base of the last coat of paint. He has 50 pieces of art in this exhibit, making up most of the walk through.  

Vincent Van Gogh, another influential artist who is known for his easily recognizable pieces of art, is also included in this exhibit. He though, unlike Hockney, only has 10 paintings and drawings that flow with Hockney’s work.

It is easy though, to tell their art apart while looking. Hockneywho was famous for his art in the era of color and patternsdifferentiates from Van Goghwho is from an era of soft and natural colors that portray real life. Hockney is known for accentuating certain things from real life and making them stick out with shades that are a little brighter than the original 

If you do get the chance to attend this exhibition, make sure to take your time viewing every painting. But, since there are so many, skipping a few would not kill you. Though, do make sure you do not skip the brand new additions.