The Unforgettable Winter Storm


Noah Falk, Editor-in-Chief

In the blink of an eye, temperatures across the state of Texas dipped below freezing and caused a complete overload of the state’s energy grid.  On Monday, February 15th, temperatures as low as the teens were seen statewide, coupled with harsh winds and a sleet/snow combination.  Millions across the state suffered drastic consequences, from long-lasting power outages to boil-water orders.

When it comes to Texas, we’re no strangers to harsh weather.  Nearly four years ago, Hurricane Harvey destroyed the gulf coast and caused millions of dollars worth of damages across areas like Houston.  Nobody anticipated the side effects of the winter storm Texans endured all last week.

Locally, those without bare necessities (heat, electricity) when the temperatures dropped were forced to find solutions to simply stay warm and healthy.