NASA’s Juno Probe Shares Beautiful Photos of Jupiter


and Eva Dennis

The photos sent back from the Mars Perseverance Rover have surpassed the beauty of all the others, the most recent being a new photo of Jupiter captured by the Juno Probe. 

Juno, a Nasa probe that orbits Jupiter, launched in August 2011 and entered orbit around Jupiter in July of 2016. Its purpose is to investigate the planet, more specifically to answer questions about the composition of Jupiter’s core, magnetic field, and attempt to determine how much water there is in Jupiter’s atmosphere. 

“This view of Jupiter’s turbulent atmosphere from NASA’s Juno spacecraft includes several of the planet’s southern jet streams,” NASA writes. “Using data from Juno’s instruments, scientists discovered that Jupiter’s powerful atmospheric jet streams extend far deeper than previously imagined. Evidence from Juno shows the jet streams and belts penetrate about 1,800 miles down into the planet.” 

The photos provided by NASA look similar to Van Gogh’s “Starry Night,” some say.