Pumpkin Man

Pumpkin Man

Emily Morris

The boy runs down the stairs grinning ear to ear. This was his favorite night of the year because of the candy. When he walks into the kitchen his mother looked up with a smile on her face, “I’m just finishing off my last stitch pumpkin.” The name rolled off her tongue so smoothly, her brown hair fell in front of her face as she stared down at the glossy material of the astronaut suit. When the costume was done, she handed it to him.

This Halloween is very important to him his mom was letting him go alone. He walked through the door shouting his goodbyes and headed down the path he does every year.

He reached the woods and stops to go over his rout in his head. First, he’ll go down drear lane because that’s where they pass out the full-sized candy.

A rustle came from behind him which sent goosebumps throughout his body, but when he turned around there was nothing there. He convinces himself it was just an animal probably just a bunny he told himself over and over, but the eerie feeling didn’t go away.

He trudged onward to his first destination looking back every so often, but this time he looked back he ran into something. When he looked ahead this long lanky creature stood before him with what seemed like a pumpkin for a head. Sharp teeth seemed to gash out of its head with a red substance dripping from those teeth.

Drip. Drip. Drip.

The blood began to turn his iridescent suit red. No screams came from the child not even a single noise. As if in a trance he takes this creatures hand willingly and followed him into the woods to never be heard from again.