Justice on Trial


Carynn Alvarez, Staff Writer

The trial of Derek Chauvin began on Monday, March 25th, 2021 in response to the death of former Houston resident, George Floyd. This trial is planned to continue for at least four weeks, whether or not proving that Chauvin is responsible for the murder of Floyd. Despite the outrage and protests from 2020, the prosecutors, jury, and the judge plan on an equal sentence, one in which Chauvin deserves.  

The story began in May of 2020, when a video surfaced of Floyd pinned down by former police officer who was later fired — Chauvin for almost ten minutes, restricting Floyd’s breathing and result, Floyd dying. This video was shared millions of times, crossing over country borders and creating the Black Lives Matter movement which spread across the world in result of people believing that Chauvin killed defenseless Floyd.  

On Monday, throughout the court room, most of the people in the room listening believed that what Chauvin did was on purpose. It was said that he knew what he was doing, and deliberately killed Floyd. By the looks of the video, and what millions of people decoded, Chauvin knew he was going to kill the Houston resident. And because of that, Chauvin was fired from his job of being an officer last year following the outrage people had towards him.  

There were so many witnesses who watched Chauvin kneel and press into Floyd’s neck, that it seems impossible for Chauvin to be said as not guilty. If Chauvin is found guilty, he is looking at 40 years for second degree murder, 25 years for third degree murder and 10 years for manslaughter charges. 

Throughout the first week of the trial, there were many emotional testimonies from witnesses who were asked to talk on what they saw on the day last May. Their testimony’s will not be taken lightly and will all have a significant impact on the pathway of Chauvin. 

The other three officers who were present during the murder, have pleaded not guilty but their trials will not occur until August.