Tennessee Takes On Water

Grace Williams, Staff Writer

This last week Tennessee has been devastated by a catastrophic amount of rainfall leaving people without power and homes. This flood has already claimed the life of seven civilians and is claimed to take more. On top of that Many businesses have also been destroyed by the flooding, and almost 540 homes. However, officials are only about 85% done with their disaster assessment, so casualties are expected to rise. Three tornadoes and heavy winds ripped through Wilson, Rutherford, Lawrence, Lewis, Wayne, and Sumner Counties on March 25, prompting the Red Cross to launch an emergency response. Civilians are looking for shelter after around 200 people were evacuated from their home, and left without housing.  Red cross red shield Is asking for donations to provide victims with warm food, mud cleaning kits, and temporary condos for people to stay in. Red Cross has also partnered with multiple hotels throughout Tennessee to supply housing. Clean up crews have already been dispersed and began to clear mud and debris out of houses. Overall this was a very devastating event and the community’s condolences go out to everyone who has been affected by this horrific event.