Biden Buys-In To Renewable Energy


Lily Thivierge, Staff Writer

The Biden administration announced on Monday their plans to expand and build offshore wind farms on the East Coast in an effort to create a large source of renewable energy.

The administration plans to generate at least 30 gigawatts of wind energy by 2030. The goal would produce enough energy to power 10 million homes in America and cut down on carbon emissions by 78 million metric tons. 

The plans wouldn’t just fight against threats of climate change, but would also open up new job opportunities for thousands of Americans. It’s not only the construction that creates jobs, but regular maintenance on wind turbines opens high paying jobs. 

The Biden administration also made plans to offer $3 billion for potential loans through the Energy Department for more offshore wind projects. $230 million will also be invested in upgrades for U.S ports to support the construction of offshore wind farms. 

The projects are also being used for wind research and to study the effects of offshore wind farms on coastal cities and the fishing industry. The National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration will grant $1 million to the studies and share the data. The National Offshore Wind Research and Development Consortium will also grant $8 million to 15 offshore wind research projects.