Larger Than Life: Godzilla vs. Kong Hits the Small Screen

Larger Than Life: Godzilla vs. Kong Hits the Small Screen

Katie Hubbert, Staff Writer

Godzilla vs. Kong was released in theaters and on HBO Max March 31, 2021 in the United States and March 24, 2021 internationally. It is the 3rd highest grossing Movie of the year as of April 2021. Making $286 million worldwide as of Sunday. It is predicted to pass $300 million by the end of it’s running. The movie was directed by Adam Wingard, who is known for movies such as Blair Witch (2016). It has a 75% fresh score on Rotten Tomatoes as of April 6, 2021.. It is a sequel to the two movies, Godzilla: King of the Monsters (2019) and Kong: Skull Island (2017). However, these are just numbers and facts. 


In my opinion– note I am no expert in filmology or movie reviewing —Godzilla vs. Kong was interesting. Going into the movie, my only background knowledge was the amount of memes that have arisen since the trailer was released. 

I will say that it was well-executed. The CGI was not horrendous, rather it was clean and looked realistic to its surroundings. Additionally, the camera shooting was great. There was one scene where it looked like a car was about to fall on the camera and I joked that is where the movie really ended because the camera got smashed. Jokes aside, the way they filmed the movie was very nice. I am always impressed by actors, so I’m just going to say that they did an amazing job. One thing that my boyfriend liked was the way it still connected to the original movies. Some scenes from the older movies were mimicked in this one allowing the movies to still be connected. 


The first fight scene was about 40 or so minutes into the movie. It was a bit disappointing, not as much uproar and boom as I was expecting for the first fight. Felt a bit like two kids play-fighting rather than two monsters trying to destroy each other. Godzilla, obviously, had an advantage because it happened in the middle of the ocean.


After the first fight there was a bunch of stuff about Hollow Earth, which is where Kong and Godzilla originate from. Using Kong, they found it. It was interesting. Kong had a family, but they are all dead. He found an axe that has magical radiation.


The second fight was at the end of the movie and lasted about 50 minutes. That fight was crazy. It went from action, to drama, to action, to peaceful. Kong had his radiation axe. Godzilla almost killed him, but because of technology and quick-thinking humans, he was saved. My favorite part of this fight was when they just screamed at each other. 

Then there was a giant robotic Godzilla, who was just like Godzilla, but had missiles and ammunition. Because teamwork makes the dreamwork, Godzilla and Kong worked together to defeat him. After that I imagine that Godzilla and Kong are bros now because they each went their separate ways and have a mutual understanding of each other.

All in all, the movie was good. I don’t have many complaints. The movie seemed to have a lot of stupid humor in it, just to add comic relief. It wasn’t funny. There were points where it switched from storyline A to storyline B at the wrong moment. I wish that Godzilla had green accents instead of the blue accents, since he is a reptile, but he has always been blue. I also wish they included an after-credits scene, but apparently they are not planning on continuing this saga. Even though they totally could with the discovery of Hollow Earth. More monstrous creatures means more movie and money making opportunities. I recommend this movie if you want something to play in the background or if you are super bored and want something that is sci-fi and unique. The moral of this movie: Teamwork makes the dreamwork.