Rise and Fall of the Super League


Caiden Lujin, Staff Writer

12 of the world’s largest soccer clubs announced Sunday that they will be launching a brandnew association that excludes a plethora of smaller-market teams. The highly controversial “Super League” is set to launch soon, but is under fire from sports fans worldwide, as the decision is being widely considered as a huge money-grab.  

The move is likely a result of the widespread loss of funding for European sports due to the pandemic, but alas, the media circus will be one to behold as more information on the Super League becomes available. 

The league would offer a boatload of economic compensation, as the league’s top-tier clubs would face off every single week.  

However, the reality for smaller-market teams would be too bleak to get everyone on board. With soccer being the most popular sport around the world, it was inevitable that there would be no shortage of resistance from the rest of the teams involved. Protests broke out across Europe, causing a reconsideration among the organizers of the league. 

After a frantic 72 hours of meetings and protest, it has become apparent that the Super League ball is unlikely to ever get rolling, as the proposal is being quickly abandoned by six clubs, cutting this plan straight in half.