Focus to Finish: Tips for Late-Semester Success


Hannah Jones, Staff Writer

Testing season is coming up and considering this year especially, everyone being burnt out, we are going to need a miracle to pass our final exams. The following tips come from the education corner.  

Do not Procrastinate. Do not Cram. 

Procrastinating and cramming everything into hours before the test, will cause you to more likely forget. Instead, study at least 30 minutes per class each day leading up to the test. 

Plan Your Study Time. 

Putting time aside to ensure your study time gets your undivided attention is crucial to accumulating the knowledge. If you are out on the town stressing about your study time, you may cause you may cause yourself more stress than necessary. 

Review With a Group. 

Not only can reviewing with friends make the process more enjoyable, but you can also help each other out by giving each other explanations through a student’s perspective.  

Prepare an Outline. 

Organizing your thoughts and planning out how you are going to go about this study time, can overall take the stress down a couple notches. Write out what things you are going to study on what days, where the information is located, and how long to study.  

Stay Healthy. 

Making sure you are getting enough sleep and eating the right foods with make sure that your mind is in tip top shape for test day. Being too tired or sidetracked by hunger pains may affect your test scores. 

The end of any school year brings stress and excitement for summer, and this spring is no different. By taking deep breaths and taking your time on tests, your test scores could improve.