the color yellow

the color yellow

Jenna Bell

Yellow by Jenna Bell


The color yellow is ruined,

Permanently settling uneasy in my stomach.

It used to be my favorite,

A reminder of everything good.

But now I remember

Long summer nights

With the sun on our skin,

Shining your deep brown eyes yellow.


Me getting lost in them.



I’m lost.


I don’t know how to find my way back.

Why aren’t you here with me?

Are you not lost in the yellow of mine?


You’re not.


Please come back,

I’m still lost.


Does anyone notice I’m missing?

Do they not see me,

Desperately trying to find my way home?

Back to where I was before?


They don’t.


They still see who I was,

Before yellow left me in ruins.

No one sees the wander of my eyes,

The tear stains on my cheeks,

How bitten down my nails are,

And the slouch in my shoulders.


They definitely don’t see the way

I hide from the sun,

Because I don’t want to see that color

That sickening shade, in someone else

And get lost all over again.


They don’t notice,

Neither did you.

Or you just didn’t care because

You’re lost in someone else now.



I need help,

Ive been lost for awhile now.


Please let me go,

I can’t take it anymore.


The color yellow is ruined,

And if yellow is everything good,

Then what do I have left?