Clearly Back on Campus


Lily Thivierge, Staff Writer

School is back in session and everyone is back on campus including last year’s Clear Connection students. After a year of learning from home, Clear Connections kids had to return to in-person classrooms because CCISD isn’t offering online classes. Many parents and students have mixed opinions about being back in brick and mortar. 

Last year, some parents had their kids enroll in online school in hopes to protect them from the pandemic. Despite their parents best wishes, some students couldn’t be happier to be back on campus. “I prefer in-person over online,” said Melanie Gonzalez (11). “It was more difficult than in person learning. It didn’t seem very real or important.” 

Many kids didn’t enjoy being alone everyday and unable to make new relationships. “I like in person learning way more because I get to see a lot more people,” said Juli (11). “I actually have a chance to make new friends.” Humans are naturally social creatures and relationships are incredibly important. Being able to have physical friendships is beneficial for mental and physical health. 

Students also reported feeling more connected in class and find it easier to understand in-person and were disengaged during online learning. Catriona Gatson (12) is happy to be back on campus. “I feel like online was not the same thing that we needed,” she said. “We weren’t really paying attention. It’s not the same environment.” Students are now able to communicate more with their teachers and ask for help with things they don’t understand. 

Many students are glad to be back on campus and we’re excited to have them back!