First Round Results: Gen Z’s Favorite Shows

First Round Results: Gen Zs Favorite Shows

Caiden Lujin, Staff Writer

Gen Z’s favorite childhood TV shows and their current-day counterparts have been feuding on the @cshs_chargers Instagram page for the past 24 hours, with a drama-filled bracket hitting the Springs scene Monday. 8 shows of old and 8 new were set to compete for the honor of best TV show of our generation, but after the first round, only 8 of 16 shows remain standing. 

Will the nostalgia factor prevail or will recency bias take over? That answer is up to you, Chargers, as at the end of this week, one show will be crowned as the winner of the bracket.

Jessie (277 votes) defeats Wizards of Waverly Place (211 votes)

Jessie handily won against its Disney Channel counterpart in the first matchup of the “then” side of the bracket, as the four-year gap in between releases (2011, 2007 respectively) was too much for even Selena Gomez’s star-studded presence to handle. Contrary to what the theme song might tell you, this first-round exit is what it seems.

iCarly (257 votes) defeats Victorious (214 votes)

Nickelodeon’s Victorious did not live up to its namesake in this matchup against the newly-revamped iCarly. Carly and the gang will (randomly) dance their way to the next round where they will face off against Jessie.

Hannah Montana (338 votes) defeats A.N.T. Farm (140 votes)

A.N.T. Farm could not keep up with the wrath of the hugely popular Disney Channel hit Hannah Montana, as Miley Cyrus will become the first Disney star turned pop star to advance to the next round. Better luck next time, Selena.

Phineas and Ferb (264 votes) defeats Spongebob Squarepants (233 votes)

If this were March Madness, you might as well tack this one down as an upset. Nickelodeon’s 1999 release Spongebob Squarepants is still running, but goes down to the newer cartoon to the scene, Phineas and Ferb, released in 2007. However, this Cinderella story will face a tough opponent in round 2, the show with the highest vote differential in the “then” side of the bracket, Hannah Montana.

Stranger Things (346 votes) defeats American Horror Story (86 votes)

In the first matchup of the “now” side of the bracket, Netflix Original Stranger Things asserted its dominance in a blowout that ended up being the highest vote differential of the entire first round. Like friends, numbers don’t lie.

Outer Banks (309 votes) defeats Grey’s Anatomy (170 votes)

Grey’s Anatomy has Outer Banks beat in longevity, with its 18th season set to air September 30th, but its number of Gen Z viewers is only decreasing by the year. The newer release, Outer Banks, hit Netflix around the same time that covid hit the world, which was the perfect storm for John B and company, who advance to round 2 against Stranger Things.

All American (285 votes) defeats You (164 votes)

All American, hit football show on Netflix blew You out of the water. Spencer’s squad will test their luck in round 2.

The Office (250 votes) defeats Friends (228 votes)

The Office prevails in this version of a classic dispute that may never end. Friends actually had an early lead through the first few hours, reaching a peak of 58% to The Office’s 42%. However, the famous paper company stamped their way into the second round after a furious comeback, as they advance to face All American after the closest vote in the bracket so far.