H3H3 vs Trisha Paytas


Angelina Balusek

YouTube star Trisha Paytas amplifies drama with H3H3 podcast host Ethan Klein by collabing with enemy Keemstar on the Mom’s Basement podcast.


Trisha Paytas has always been in controversy. However, this time their fans think they have crossed the line. In September of 2020, Trisha and their future brother-in-law Ethan Klein started the “Frenemies” series on the H3H3 podcast. The series gained many dedicated fans, and became a well respected podcast. This helped Trisha’s negative reputation significantly, because they appeared more humble and aware than ever before. Together the two talked about their family lives, current news, and their experiences in fame. In June 2021, Trisha Paytas announced that they would be leaving Frenemies. They claimed it was because they didn’t get enough credit or power in making decisions within the podcast. They also claimed that Ethan was an awful human, and will not be friends moving forward. This left their family in an awkward position, since Trisha is engaged to Ethan’s brother-in-law. However, Ethan and his wife Hila respected Trisha’s decision, and supported them through the decision. 


On August 15th, YouTuber Keemstar and FaZe Banks welcomed Trisha onto their podcast “Mom’s Basement”. This angered many fans and Trisha began to receive tons of hate. Why? Keemstar is well-known for his rivalry with Ethan Klein. Insults, harassment, and accusations towards each other are constant on their podcasts. The reason fans are upset is because Trisha went on Keemstar’s podcast, wearing Ethan’s merch, and posted a picture insulting Ethan. Not only were they stabbing Ethan in the back, but their future sister-in-law Hila Klein, who Keemstar has harassed, calling her a horse on multiple occasions. Trisha fired back on TikTok stating that they are “not in the wrong”. They used the argument that their job is to go onto podcasts and discuss issues. However, in the podcast with Keemstar, Trisha never called out Keemstar’s behavior, and in fact insulted Ethan the whole time. 


Trisha has gone back to making their normal videos such as making Starbucks drinks and food reviews. Their comments on all social media platforms consist of snake emojis and angry fans. While Trisha has expressed their anger with the situation not understanding why fans are upset, Ethan and his wife have expressed their disappointment. Ethan replied to Trisha’s picture on Twitter with “I’m not even gonna front or try to be funny, this just makes me sad”.