What the heck is HOSA? Check TikTok to find out.

What the heck is HOSA? Check TikTok to find out.

Angelina Balusek, Staff Writer

At the start of the school year, HOSA leaders posted their first TikTok on their page @whattheheckishosa. They have been active on both TikTok and on their Instagram Reels, @clearspringshosa_. 

“HOSA chose to start posting on TikTok because we thought it would be a fun way to engage with the members while also getting information out to them and anybody who many not know what HOSA is about” says Olivia Fernald (12).


HOSA’s TikToks are to trendy audios and dances. Their videos show what really goes on behind the scenes and how much fun members can have.

“My favorite thing to post is whatever trend is going on at the time,” says senior Martshaidy Cuevas. “To be honest, finding a trend and spinning it around to make it HOSA related is probably one of the perks of the job.”


What exactly is HOSA? 

“HOSA stands for ‘Health Organization Students of America’ and it’s a student lead club at our school where different kinds of people who are interested in joining the medical field come together.” says Martshaidy. 


“Working together with the other officers to create events and plan our future events is really fun.” says senior Sydney Thuy. “The combination of different thought processes allows for effectiveness when it comes to planning and organizing.”


Make sure to follow HOSA on their TikTok page and Instagram page. If you are interested in joining, contact Mrs. Daffern, Mrs. Yocum, or Ms. Lunch.