Why Buy Tickets to BAHBT’S Production of Coppelia


Sophia Jones

From the books to the barre Sophia Jones (9), and Amelie Finn (12), have gotten the opportunity to be able to share the lead role of Swanhilda in BAHBT’s upcoming production of Coppelia, while also maintaining their difficult high school schedules.   

Coppelia is a ballet production that is a very twisted up love triangle between Swanhilda, performed by Finn, Jones and another ballet dancer Madison Taylor, Franz, and the Coppelia doll. In the ballet, Franz falls in love with the Coppelia doll. He and Swanhilda, were already in love until Franz saw Coppelia sitting in a window. Swanhilda and her friends sneak into Dr. Coppelious’s workshop and she pretends to dress up as the doll, and catch Franz’s heart back. As she tricks him they set up a wedding, and get happily married while Franz thinks he is marrying the Coppelia doll. It is a very amazing story to see, and it is such a beautiful ballet.  

The production will be performed on October 8th through the 10th at the Clear Lake Bayou Theater.Buy tickets and bring the family and friends because BAHBT this will not be an annual show like the production of “The Nutcracker.”  Buy tickets: https://www.bahbt.org/coppelia.