Honor Hispanic Heritage


Lily Thivierge, Staff Writer

Every year, Americans celebrate Hispanic culture, history, and art from September 15th to October 15th to honor Hispanic Heritage Month. We celebrate the people and contributions of Spain, the Caribbean and the Americas. 

Everyday we benefit from the contributions of Hispanic people and Hispanic cultures. We enjoy cultural foods, are inspired by their art, and leaders of Hispanic heritage. Houston’s population is 38% Hispanic/Latino making it home to America’s fourth largest Hispanic population. Houston is promoting hispanic culture, restaurants, artwork, and cultural parts of the city. The Heritage Society of Houston will be taking tours around the Greater East End on Oct. 2nd and 12th to explore the strong cultural roots and teach about the area’s history. Anyone can enjoy the festivals and markets. The institute of Hispanic Culture of Houston is also hosting events such as this year’s first annual summit and a culinary pop-up where visitors can enjoy food of diverse cultural influences. 

This month, take time to explore hispanic culture. Visit the Houston Museum of Fine Arts and explore the Latin American exhibition. Buy from small Hispanic owned businesses. The Houston Hispanic Chamber of Commerce has a Hispanic-owned business directory with businesses of every trade.  Listen to podcasts and hear the stories of Hispanic people and their experiences. La Brega is a podcast that tells “stories of the Puertorican Experience.” Actress Diane Guerro interviews other celebrities of color and talks about their experiences on her podcast Yeah No, I’m Not Okay. Julia Alvarez is a fantastic Dominican author who writes many of her books from a young Latina’s perspective. Her book, In the Time of Butterflies, tells a fictional story of sisters living in the DR during the Trujillo dictatorship. Take notice of how Hispanic culture affects your everyday life and be thankful for its contributions.