Senior Keeps Busy with Ballet


Sophia Jones , Staff Writer

Some sports are not offered at school so it can be difficult for some students to find a “group.” For example, Amelie Finn (12) is an AP student at Clear Springs High School, but very much enjoys the ballet training that she gets from her dance studio Feijoo Ballet School.  

While being an AP student and a highly scheduled ballet dancer it can be hard to balance getting work done, but also going to dance every day. “Balancing school and dance has always been pretty hard for me. This year, I have two off periods, so I get to dance earlier and miss less,” Finn said. 

 A perk of being a senior is that the schedule load is lighter and can have more time to get work down in and outside of school due to off periods and having fulfilled class requirements. “I also have less classes to do homework for. In previous years, though, I was catching up a lot at dancing on the weekends and spending a lot of late nights completing my homework, “Finn said.  

Becoming a Silverado wasn’t an option for Finn because they don’t do ballet or pointe, which is her dance focus. 

When you are a full-time pre-professional ballet dancer it can be hard to go to school events and attend ballet performances. “I do miss school events a lot, but it’s by choice. I only have been able to go to homecoming once because we always have shows around that time.” Finn said. 

“It makes me a little bit sad, but I know that I prioritize performances over social events, so I am always content with my decisions.” 

Amelie wants to become a neurosurgeon in the future.