Hoco is a Go!


Caiden Lujin, Staff Writer

Homecoming Week 2021 is upon us, October 4-8 marking the return of some of the festivities that Chargers missed out on last year. For starters, for the first time since the 2019-20 school year, there will be a Homecoming carnival this Friday. Additionally, spirit week dress-up days will make their return this year. The Community Parade and pep rally will be October 6 at 6 p.m, as due to covid, no indoor pep rallies will be held this year.

Monday will be meme/Vine day, where students will make their best references to the famous video clips and images that have helped shape who Gen Z is today.

Tuesday is safari day, for students to dress in any sort of animal/wildlife theme that they choose.

Wednesday is celebrity day, where students can wear their favorite celeb merchandise or dress up as them. Fresh off of Met Gala 2021, this one should be no problem for students.

Thursday is “Nighty Night Knights,” a wordplay on the rivalry between Springs and Falls (who will play one another in the Homecoming game), but also a classic pajama day.

Friday marks the final day of Homecoming week but the beginning of a classic battle of the Springs school colors. Freshmen will wear grey, sophomores will wear black, juniors will wear blue, and seniors will wear white. 

Additionally, the Homecoming carnival will be Friday, with students being released by lunch. Last year the carnival was merely a few food stands — a shell of what it usually is due to covid, with games and prizes available to students. So freshmen, this is your time to experience Homecoming (almost) as it should be.

Homecoming week is approaching fast, Chargers, so gear up and participate!