Fall Approaches


Taylor Pleasant, Staff Writer

It’s no secret that Texas weather is unpredictable. Every year it’s the same thing; we get a cold front at the end of October, then it gets hot again until mid-December and that’s when it starts to get cold, and throughout all of that, the weather does this thing where it’s super cold in the morning and then back up to the 80’s in the afternoon. It is good to know that this year is not any different.  

As of now the weather has been getting as low as 60 degrees. Which, in Texas, is very exciting since it feels like this summer was the hottest summer in a while. Again, since we live in Texas, the weather doesn’t get very low. Around wintertime, it gets about as low as 50 degrees and that’s it. Nobody complains though so we take what we can get. There’s a lot of people excited about the fact that it reaches 60 degrees this early in the year. However, there are a lot of people who come from up north that question why it’s so hot during the wintertime.  

I love the fall weather for the most part. The mornings feel great, and it is nice to walk outside and not feel the heat burning down against you. But then the afternoon comes, and the heat is back and sometimes even worse than it was a week ago.  It won’t stay like this forever but for now, enjoy the heat before everyone starts to complain about how cold it is. It’s the same thing every year.