Injury Free – The Way To Be


Sophia Jones , Staff Writer

A lot of athletes get injuries, but sometimes they do not know how to help it. Some ways of doing that are improving your strength. Improving your strength in your muscles can help lower your chances of getting injured so often, because your body will be able to handle the amount of time you are active and improve your staminaAlso, some ways to help your injury when you do get injured are by staying off it and/or not using it at 100 percent. 

You never want to irritate the injury more to the point where it eventually becomes worse.  The RICE method is used to treat minor injuries or pain. It is an abbreviation for Rest, Ice, Compression, and Elevation. It is a method that has been proven by doctors and is a way that will help your injury heal faster. It will not cure it in a day, but it can speed up the process. 

Drinking water can also prevent you from getting injured. Staying hydrated is especially important for your body and your health to keep it going. If your injury is one that is hurting very badly, you could ice it at lease three times a day. It will help with the muscles in your injury, and help it heal. Rest it anytime, elevate it anytime you can as well. You can do the RICE method at your house, or even at your after-school activity, if they have the items you need for it. If you have any more questions, go click over to the CDC’s website. it is important to keep healthy and stay injury free!