Springs Swim Sets Personal Bests


Angelina Balusek, Staff Writer

The Clear Springs Swim Team is in the middle of their swim season, and this week they went up against Clear Falls and Clear Brook at the Tri-Meet. This meet for many Springs swimmers was one where they beat their personal records.  Varsity and JV swimmers went up against some of the best swimmers in the district. The teams traveled to Clear Falls on Wednesday afternoon and finished feeling with a strong performance.

When it comes to swim meets, time and preparation are important. “Preparing for events, I try to clear my head and envision my ideal race,” Madlein Eileraas (11) said. “I like that swimming has both individual and team competition components.”

“My favorite thing to do in swim is hangout with my friends at meets and have each other’s support during our meets,” junior Lydia Rytting (11) said. “I started swimming as a child because my parents forced me, but I continue because I love it.” Lydia finished event 7 with a 29.12 second time, .12 seconds away from beating her record.

Being a swimmer isn’t all about being competitive. “I love to swim. It’s something that helps me with my mental health and I like feeling the nice, cool water,” Sydney Yost (10) said. Sydney beat her personal record with 50 in her freestyle and 200 in her freestyle relay.


The teams next meet is on November 4 at Clear Lake. Everyone is welcome to go support the team, so make sure to be there at 6:00 pm.