Passing the Time with TikTok Can Be Helpful

Passing the Time with TikTok Can Be Helpful

Taylor Pleasant, Staff Writer

Tiktok is a social media app where users can make videos to share with their friends. As early as 2016, TikTok has become a very popular app. There is no limit to what kind of videos you can make. Funny videos, singing videos, tutorials, you can do it all. In a way it is like modern-day YouTube, just shorter videos.  

TikTok is very much a “new generation” thing. Most millennials might say the TikTok is a waste of time and is influencing young kids’ brains. Which is not always a bad thing. Most teenagers will say they go on TikTok when they are bored or have nothing to do, however, over the duration of the pandemic, TikTok became much more popular since nobody could leave their house, and everyone had something in common.

There were many TikTok trends over that time that were quite helpful. For example, there were many “how to survive quarantine” videos that gave tips on what to do when you are bored and how to pass time in quarantine. Even now that most of the state and country opened, TikTok can still be very helpful to teens. There are many videos on things like healthy eating and how to better study habits to pass classes along with information that teens nowadays need to know. 

Now, you could argue that TikTok can be a little chaotic at times. Some trends are not in kids’ best interest. Certain trends like the Devious Lick trends are not positive or helpful influences, as they have led to destruction of school property. Some videos from TikTok can and will influence young kids; however, if a kid is truly acting in some of these trends, conversations about behaviors and choices that affect their future could be helpful. 

Some videos on TikTok are not things that your kid should be watching, however, that doesn’t mean the whole app is bad. There are funny animal videos and asmr videos and just other things that make the app a perfectly safe app to use. If you are worried about your kid using the app, monitor their app to make sure there is nothing suspicious going on. The app is a safe thing for people to connect with and share videos. Nothing suspicious about that.